Misti Washington was a highly respected, nationally known, basket maker, artist, craftswoman, teacher and author who lived and worked in Solana Beach, California. 

Misti generated enthusiasm and inspiration, and fosteredthe development of countless basket makers until her death in 1997. Our guild is named to honor her life and memory.


Members represent all levels of interest in basket and gourd making -- beginners, professionals, hobbyists and collectors. We all share a common fascination for handmade vessels and sculptural objects -- whether ornamental or utilitarian -- and for the natural fibers and manufactured materials used in their construction.  

Our goal is to preserve, promote and perpetuate the appreciation of gourd and basket art by providing a supportive, sharing and educational environment.

We typically hold demos and mini-workshops at our regular meetings and offer special one or two-day classes with nationally known artists.

Meetings:  Guild members meet, eat, show and share, and work on projects from Noon to 3:00pm on the first Sunday of every month (bring a potluck dish to share) in the Ecke Building at San Diego Botanic Garden (formally called Quail Botanical Gardens), Encinitas, California.  Announce that you are attending the Misti meeting and parking staff will confirm meeting location and waive the parking fee.  

2016 marks the 20th anniversary of the founding of the Guild and the first Gourd and Basket Weekend in the Gardens.  At that event, we honored Misti where many people were able to tell her how much they appreciated her, her teaching, and the creative stimulation and encouragement she had given them.  We carry on the tradition through a biennial conference where teachers from across the nation share their expertise in traditional and modern basketry and gourd art techniques.  Check our Classes page for updates on the next Weekend in the Garden biennial conference.