Class Catalog Now
Available for the
14th Biennial Conference
Weekend in the Garden
May 4 & 5, 2019

We are happy to announce that the Weekend in the Garden catalog with class descriptions, color photos, and pricing is now available for download. CLICK HERE to review the wonderful learning opportunities being offering during the 2019 Weekend in the Garden. When registration is open, the announcement will be featured prominently on our Home Page. At that time, there will be a direct link to the San Diego Botanic Garden class registration page here. We expect this to happen by December 1, if not sooner.

On this page, there will also be a form and instructions for those of you who wish to purchase lunch. This will be a separate process outside of registration and will be handled directly by Guild volunteers.

We look forward to seeing you in May!


The 9th Annual Members’ Basket Class Day  

We had a great time at our our annual members’ Basket Day on August 5, 2018!  It was a wonderful opportunity to try something new. We thank our fellow member teachers for taking the time to share their knowledge: Sue Kamin taught Lauhala (pandanus leaf) woven earrings; Willie Ziegler taught a cane cross warp twined with waxed linen over a bottle; Grace Swanson taught teneriffe/pine needle woven ornament; and Carol Lang taught an Appalachian egg basket.